Back to School Masks

Get Your Back to School Mask Kit Only $4/mask ($0.11 per day)

Our back to school mask kit, non-medical mask packs will come with 5-masks and a resealable pouch.  The mask kit will include 5 no iron name tags; allowing you to attach at your preferred location on the cloth face mask.  This will prevent mask mix ups between siblings, and avoid cross contamination between classmates.  This affordable mask 5 pack, allows for your loved one to wear a different cloth face mask each day of the school week; there is no cheaper solution!  603 Mask sourced a cotton mask, to ensure we provided the most affordable, breathable, and softest cloth reusable face mask.  These reusable masks are made in the USA!


Product features:

  • DAILY FACE MASKS: 5 reusable face masks with optional name tag
  • FACE MASK: These masks are  cotton, and can be washed many times!
  • BEST SOLUTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND YOUR POCKET:  When you choose to use a reusable face mask, you are reducing the amount of waste that comes from disposable masks.  A school with 550 students & teachers, would utilize approx 99,000 disposable masks in one school year.  At an average cost of .70 cent per person per day , it would cost $69,300!  603 Mask’s solution, only costs about .11 cents a day, and eliminates 99,000 disposable masks!

Purchase Back to School 5 Pack

These masks can be customized, but customization does drastically increase the cost, minimum order quantity, and lead time.  If you prefer to customize your face mask & add a screen printed logo, please contact us.  Please note that all dual layer masks can only have one color screen printed.  This is due to the fabric layers moving during the printing process.

If you require a multiple color logo, we have a different solution.  Please contact us for more information!

**Due to the nature of this product, we do not accept returns or exchanges**