Focused on providing the best PPE to New Hampshire and all of New England, while doing it at an affordable price!

603 Mask was formed, to fill a much needed void in the mask market.  When the Covid 19 pandemic started, there were many fly by night entities slinging junk products.  Most people found themselves receiving junk, waiting months, or not receiving anything at all.  This is because brokers were claiming to have product on the ground in the USA, in order to build a client list. When in reality the product was not even manufactured, much less delivered to the USA.  Companies claimed (and still do) to have millions of product on hand landed OTG (on the ground) in the USA.  When you ask for POF (proof of life), all of the sudden the product "just sold".

When the Covid 19 pandemic did not ease up after the first 1-2 months, we noticed that small businesses were having a hard time locating and securing Personal Protective Equipment also referred to as PPE. Pease Technologies began researching manufacturers and distributors for materials. It became very evident that long gone were the days of getting materials at an affordable rate. Since the majority of the protective equipment that we rely on, is made from materials that are manufactured in China. The Corona Pandemic had closed most of the factories in China, the manufacturers that were open, were operating at a reduced staff. This created a supply and demand issue, and certain businesses were using this opportunity to take advantage of the supply chain disruption. Pease Technologies turned our efforts to USA manufacturers for different types of solutions. We contacted textile factories in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, & Connecticut. We searched high and low here in New England. Some companies would not return a phone call, and others were not setup to manufacture the materials we needed. So we started to search for PPE manufacturers all over the country, and any company that made the material needed to produce PPE. We made contact with numerous textile mills, manufacturers, and middlemen/brokers. This allowed us to test samples of their materials, and compare costs of what each company could provide; and note whether they could also provide cut and sew services. Ultimately, we located suppliers that could provide the materials needed to make PPE, but the prices were a lot higher than normal. We found that Level 1-4 Isolation gown that is typically purchased from China for about $.30-$1.00. Would cost us anywhere between $5-$15 to be manufactured here in the USA. The material costs alone to make one gown, cost on average of $3 per gown; depending on what level of isolation gown was needed. Then there was the cost to cut & sew the gown. We quickly found out that it was an uphill battle that was not going to be easily conquered. Pease Technologies knew that if our company could not quickly and efficiently fulfill these protective equipment requirements, most small businesses would have an impossible outcome. At this point the company pivoted, and created a separate branch of the company. In order to create an obvious separation, we established a simple but obvious name for the new branch of the company. The name is 603 Mask and we operate out of Hudson New Hampshire. We knew that most individuals and small businesses are looking for masks, and forget that there are other PPE supply items that they will need. When the small business owners come to our site to procure masks, we hope to remind them about additional PPE items that they may need. We do not push the Personal Protective Equipment, but want people to know that we have it if they need it.

So you might be wondering how did Pease Technologies, a company that typically works to build websites and help them rank in Google come to be a supplier of PPE. Throughout our business dealings, we have come to meet and work with thousands of different types of people, all over the country. All of these people have connections with other businesses who also know of suppliers. Upon concluding that getting supplies on our own, was going to be a monumental task; a task that we could not do on our own. We jumped at the opportunity to team up and become a distributor for the Invisible Defender brand. This company had already been researching and sourcing materials from day one of the COVID-19 outbreak. Invisible Defender had the knowledge, and buying power to connect with any of the major companies in the world. If they do not manufacture the equipment, they have a large database of companies that do. These are companies that have shown proof of life, and that the materials are On The Ground (OTG) in the USA. These connections gave the company opportunity to put protective equipment in the hands of government agencies all over the country. Additionally, they sold their products to some major colleges, and numerous corporations. After reviewing their product, and seeing the proof of the companies and agencies they had worked with. It was a no brainer that this company was the company we needed to work with. So 603 Mask made a sizeable purchase of products, and became the sole distributor of Invisible Defender products in the New England Region. Pease Technologies, dba 603 Mask has the ability to provide: cloth masks, surgical masks, Isolation gowns Level 1- 4, and basically any PPE item that you could want or need. We can provide this to any location in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont. If you or a business that you know needs PPE, and it is outside of the New England area; we can supply them as well! As a business owner you do not have to stress out, wondering where to locate your PPE… We have you covered!

Industries served:
-School districts
-Medical Clinic
-Dental Clinic
-Hospitality Services


The goal of 603 Mask is to provide a quality product at a reasonable price; and deliver it quickly!

Thank you for trusting 603 Mask, we hope to build a long lasting relationship with all of our customers!  If you have any questions, or special requests; feel free to use the form below and reach out!  We would love to hear from you, and see how we can help you!