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Great Quality. Great Pricing , Nice Job getting this done!

James Daniels

Thank  God you guys have these available. I am requiring all customers wear masks in my store. Thank you thankk you.

Harry Gilliam

Invisible Defender Supplied over %00 face masks to our rural Wisconsin community!I personally inspected and packaged each mask and can attest to their quality. Thanks!

Danica Rowan

Answering A Community Need

Comfort Design

Whether your running your daily route or simply en route to the cereal isle. We designed our masks to feel comfortable on your face and maintain your safety and those around you.


Wash Instead Of Waste

Disposable masks that are often handed out in stores or other businesses will undoubtedly end up in the trash. By buying a washable face cloth you can help the planet and save yourself some hassles


Any Customizations

Whether you want a different color or a snappy phrase printed on the mask, we can make any customization you can think of for your mask order.


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Invisible Shield

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